Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekend alone

Well this weekend I was all by myself. I had to work on Saturday and it was my niece's birthday this weekend. My husband made the 4 hour trek with the children to my sister's house. It was a very strange feeling when everyone left. It was the first time being home without anyone. My mission this weekend was to clean my house. I started on Friday night, with the help of my girlfriend. We were optimistic that if we worked until about midnight the whole house would be clean. We managed to clean the upstairs. It was very clean though. Thanks for all the help Char. So today I woke up to try and finish the job we started. I steam cleaned my carpets, got on my hands and knees and scrubbed my floors. Most of my house is now sparkling. I only have to finish the basement now. The basement includes my studio, which of course is too small for all of my crafts. I need more space for all of my fabric and ribbons. I have a pile of new fabric that needs to be washed so it can be made into some wonderful creation. Hopefully I will have it completed by next week. Even though I did not get much me time this weekend it was so worth it to have a sparkling house. No more fingerprints on walls and stains on floors.

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